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Hands on coding: web development: Session 1

Last night we held the first web development training session of the online identities project 'Introduction to web development: Session 1' at Central Saint Martins, UAL, also see the online Identities intro session 'Our Digital Futures'. It was a first for many of the students who attended and everyone seemed to have really enjoy their first coding experience. The tutor was Simon King from Camberwell College of Arts, Simon demonstrated the basic principles of web coding, teaching the basics of HTML and CSS using free downloadable software called Sublime Text 2.

All the students wanted more at the end and many requested the second session follow on from what they had archived in this session, so Simon will be doing this for the next session.

In the meantime keep coding and have a go at the below:  

Create a free webhosting account (example only, we are not endorsing this provider): 

And please also take a look at these online Web/Code training sites


Students: 10

General Feedback:

Lots of positive feedback at the end, would like more of this training, would like it to continue .... waiting for feedback

Some feedback from online forms:

"it would be nice to continue this and do more classes throughout the year in web design so we can actually put these skills into practice. (like to have specifically web design with the same tutor sessions every week)"

"This course seems great ! The only trouble is because it is in such a short time it might be difficult to attend as many lessons as I could do."

"It was useful and I had to leave early but think it maybe could have been longer as we felt we were rushing through things a bit ? - Although it might be difficult to concentrate for this long. "

Things to improve:

The Wifi in this part of the building was not working very well and was cutting out or difficult to connect to, this is a huge problem for this type of training.

We need students to bring laptops to these sessions, lots forgot to do this.

Simon King teaching in the above room.

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