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HEA Commissioned work by SCORE Fellows

The below papers were presented at the open university in collaboration with the HEA and SCORE 11 July 2012.

Drawing on the wealth of OER experience and knowledge of SCORE Fellows (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education), the HEA has commissioned a set of ten high quality case studies.

To support the HEA’s promotion of Open Educational Resources, and to widen engagement with and understanding of OER, SCORE will construct consortia of their expert Fellows to provide the sector with open licenced case studies for e-publication covering the following themes:

Examples and issues in OER use and reuse Chris Follows, Anna Gruszczynska, Ming Nie and Joanna Wild

Academic practice Teresa Connolly, Jane Gay, Gabriel Reedy, Tom Browne and Melissa Highton

Open Educational Resources in Language Teaching and Learning Anna Comas-Quinn and Alannah Fitzgerald

iTunes U and the OERu: two different ways to reach the world Terese Bird and Gabi Witthaus

OER to support researcher development Dr Ester Ehiyazaryan, Dr Ian Fairweather and Dr Vivien Sieber

Health education Dr Vivien Rolfe, Jacqueline Williams and Dr Richard Windle

Open Educational Practice (OEP) approaches to external collaboration: the arts, charities and business Dr Sarah Atkinson, Tony Coughlan and Antonio Martínez-Arboleda

Science and statistics teaching Paul Hatherly, Jackie Carter and Mark Oliver

Student use of OER and assessment Eleanor Quince, Stylianos Hatzipanagos and Nick Pearce

Copyright policy and licencing Megan Quentin-Baxter

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