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Hidden Creatures

Whilst I was in Wood Working class, I wondered round taking photos and looking at the machines, all of a sudden so many different faces and characters popped out to secretly say hi, they asked me to take their photo, so here they are.. my friends from the workshop. I later used them as model for my scratchboard making I did in Visual Art.

Today I sat in on many interesting classes, I chose ones that were not very 'academic'. Jewellery Making, Band, Wood Working and Visual Art. In Jewellery, they hadn't been getting enough kids enrolling on the course so they added knife making. What an incredible skill, to be able to make your own knife. One boy explained his project to me. His knife was especially for descaling fish and he explained how he had designed the handle just how he liked it, thin, light and out of rope.

Yesterday in Psychology class they were studying the left and ride side of the brain and explaining how this makes us all different types of learners. She asked for those who thought they were right sided to raise their hands and visa versa. Then she asked who tend to get grade A and B's in most classes, and all those who were left side learners raised  their hands, whilst the majority who were right sided didn't. It just goes to show how traditional education systems are really not adapted for both types of learners, and unlike this school, many just offer academic subjects. Why is there so much emphasis on academic subjects?

Tomorrow I am visiting an Elementary school, who are having an aboriginal arts and crafts day full with activities.

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