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How to create and image and text post


We've added a new content type, be really good to get your feedback on this new tool, its not perfect but 100% better then the previous version. Those who created content using the old content image text type will see a slight change to their posts, if your happy with the layout its worth leaving or you may need to create a new post using the new content type? Forum here:

  • Click on the Create content tab at the top right and choose Image and text
  • Title: - Add a short title, not too long
  • Description: There's loads of text edit tools to use much the same as you have in any text edit application.
  • Add some text into the empty white space
  • To add images click on the image tab in the text tools pallet
  • You will see the image Image Properties panel (image left)
  • Click Browse Server
  • File Browser will open (see image below)
  • Click Upload in top left corner
  • Click Browse and select you file
  • Click upload
  • The image will appear in the underneath window. 
  • Upload more images if needed
  • Click Insert file


  • If you'd like to have text to the side of your image select Alignment Left. (I've used a table to lay this post out, see icon in text editor)
  • You can add spacing between images by adding values to the H space and V space.
  • Click OK
  • Image will insert into your post
  • If you click on the image you can adjust its scale by clicking on the corners of the image.
  • Double click or right click the image to edit it properties


- Project groups are not required - only choose a group if this content is part of any of the groups listed, leave if not.

- choose and add your related discipline or disciplines and sub categories

- No college necessary.

- Add TAGS, separate each TAG with a comma, TAGS are important if you would like users to find your content, please add as many key words as possible. Eg: Feedback, alumni, etc SAVE

- When saved the post will show the 'View' mode you will see the text is ok. To change or edit

-  Click the 'Edit' tab to return to editing the post. SAVE the post, the post will automatically show on the recent items page, review the post and continue to update and refresh content as and when.

- Add any 'File Attachments' if you require, user will be able to download PDF or docs versions of your tutorials. You must select 'list' if you would like the attachment to show on your post.

Add creative commons licence (see more -

Advanced image and text features

  1. Source: This tab allows you to edit the source code, html (its good to have a look at this if you new to code as you can begin to work out how html works or if you know what you are doing you can add some html code you have created)
  2. Cut: Use ctrl / cmd X instead
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