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How to Host a Live Webinar Using Google Plus for Free

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We wanted to share what we learned about how to host a live webinar for free using Google+ Hangouts. I have seen it done and heard many people talk about it but there was not many tutorials available to walk us through the entire process. Our learning process included trial and error, online research and asking colleagues who have hosted hangouts in the past. Therefore, we wrote this tutorial in hopes this it will help many people save tons of time learning how to use Google+ hangouts!

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We hope to support a Webinar project via DIAL 2014 at UAL where we hope to explore all the different approaches to hosting webinars. I will look into the work being done by - I came across this project last year at the 'JISC Learning and Teaching experts meeting 23/04/2013' here are some notes - please see here.

Set up and run a webinar: Learn a 21st Century Employability Skill