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How to post on process arts for 'Changing the Learning Landspace'

1.   Log into your account, when you get to the first page, click ‘create content’















2.   Click ‘text and images’















3.   Add a title and write in what you want to add















4.   If you are copy and pasting text, then you need to highlight everything and click ‘remove format’, so that it is the same format as everything else on the website.
















5.   If you want to add an image click ‘image’
















6.   When you upload the image click here to align it to either the left or right, and click ‘ok’
















7.   when you’ve finished add it to the ‘changing the learning landscapes’ group














8.   Select ‘community and collaboration’ in the ‘discipline’ box (make sure you click add@!) and select your university from the ‘college’ box














9.   add the tags ‘DIAL’ and ‘changing the learning landscape’ and anything else you want to add, just make sure to put a comma in between each one.














10.  if you want to add a file click ‘file attachment’ and upload your file. Then click save and it will post onto the ‘changing the learning landscape’ page.



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