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How to Set up and Create a Google Drive Account


Both Rossella and I have been asked to contribute to Things Unlimited, a self-identifying group - from Library Services, who have joined forces with DIAL to focus on digital tools and digital information literacy.

From what I understand, the Things Unlimited's programme is underpinned by an online learning programme called 23 Things, which started life in public libraries and later  adopted by HE sector.

However, the Things Unlimited model aims to be a more flexible online tool which will have additional functionality - an example/explanation of good practice, a resource bank, a place to discuss new practice or new tools and more.

This post looks at the completion of Prototype Thing - a template developed by Things Unlimited, allowing users to express an example/explanation of good practice. Rossella and I have decided to focus on:




What is it   


Google account is a unified sign-in system that lets you organise and access your personal information from any computer or mobile device. It gives you access to a number of Google products. Here some of the feature you can use:


  • Synchronize and back up everything. Whether you write an email, add a new contact or an event to your calendar, take a photo, your work gets backed up continuously by Google and synchronized with any computer where you use the sameGoogle Account.
  • Access from anywhere. Check your latest calendar, email, text messages, or social stream, wherever you are, no matter what computer or mobile device you're using.
  • Keep your stuff secure and available. Google works round the clock to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and to ensure that you get it whenever you need it.
  •  Google Play. With a Google Account, you can play music, view movies, read books, and shop for more in the Google Play store no matter what computer or mobile device you’re using.
  •  Simplify shopping. You can connect your Google account with Google Wallet, which makes it easy to purchase music, books, apps on Google Play and other online stores.
  • Use other Google services. Your Google Account lets you also take full advantage of any other Google apps and services that you may want to use, such as Gmail, Google Maps Navigation, YouTube, Google Talk and Blogger. Though it is to say that you do not need a Gmail address to have a Google Account; a Google Account may be associated with any active email address.

Try it

Sign in is simple:

  • Firstly create a Google Account by clicking the Create an account button on the top-right corner of any Google sign-in page. Once you have created an account your username and password will be valid with any Google products.
  • Try to create and share a doc by clicking on Google Drive. My Drive is the section of Google Drive on the web that syncs files, folders, and Google Docs directly to your Google Drive folder. It includes:
  1. Google Docs that you own
  2. Files that you've synced or uploaded
  3. Folders that you've created, synced, or uploaded
  4. Any shared file that you've added to My Drive from Shared with me

Who use it

Because of the many features that a Google account offers, it tends to be very popular amongst young people as well as professionally in big institutions. Its’ use is encouraged within Universities because it facilitates collaborations and exchanges.

Tell us about it

It is a very effective online working tool, the pros are many: speed, efficiency, user friendliness are just few that spring to mind. I cannot identify any cons for now…

It would be important to encourage its use within the University and I believe few sessions to introduce the program and its value to new user across UAL would be valuable.




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