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How should we communicate as a group?

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Joined: 15 May 2014

How do you think we should communicate as a group.

The most obvious forum for discussion, ideas sharing, etc seems to be a facebook group. but is this the best option?

is it accessible enough?

is there another forum that is more accessible, with less personal information required?

is sharing personal information an important issue?

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Joined: 24 May 2014
I think a Facebook group

I think a Facebook group would be the most convenient forum, if all of us are on it. It's easy to use and quite flexible. Also, without making presumptions, many of us may have a direct access to it through our phones, so it would be quite an efficient and fast way to communicate too.

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i agree, i think facebook is

i agree, i think facebook is the best way to communicate quickly and efficiently. its also easy to remember to check and see if anyones added anything. does everyone have facebook?

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Brilliant, I agree with you.

Brilliant, I agree with you. It seems like the quickly and easiest way to communicate. It also seems to be the site people check and update the most. Do we all have Facebook?