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How to use social media: Part 1: Blogging

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Benefits of blogging for professional artists and those working in the arts - Chris Unitt from Meshed Media in conversation with Charlotte Frost. First in series of three videos co-produced by Charlotte Frost and Jared Schiller for a-n The Artists Information Company.

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More and more independent, unrepresented and some represented artists have their own website to showcase their work and allow an enormous potential online audience to find information about them more easily.

Websites are increasingly affordable, with many DIY design packages available to help create a simple but effective online presence.

A website can:

  • Increase your visibility, making you and your work easier to find
  • Increase your audience
  • Help people subscribe to an email mailing list to get regular updates on you and your work
  • Help sell your work, depending on the suitability of your practice
  • Be a useful tool for applying for opportunities by allowing you to email applications and refer to your website with a link
  • Help organise all the documentation of your work and provide a complete catalogue of your activity

The layout and presentation of your website should be appropriate to your practice and best represent your work within the limitations of the internet.  Consider appropriate documentation of your work, backed up with information on the rest of your career:

  • Well-photographed images of your work, or short film clips
  • Installation shots of exhibitions and projects
  • Artist statement
  • Artist CV
  • Contact details, or details of the gallery that represents your work
  • Scans of press articles or reviews
  • A news section, with information about upcoming exhibitions and projects
  • An online shop or details on how people can purchase your work

Alternatively you can easily build yourself a blog. This useful guide to social media, co-produced by Charlotte Frost and Jared Schiller, introduces benefits of using a blog for artists.

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