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Inside Outside. Sustainable Printmaking Project.

This sustainable printmaking project 'outside inside' explores how our environment, climatic conditions and material use can effect our creativity. CTLAD (centre of teaching and learning in art & design) at the University of the Arts, London have awarded Barbara Salvadori (printmaker & book artist) & Jack Blake (graphic designer & lecturer) a small project fund to undertake a practice based project. There will be 3 different workshops, exploring 3 different processes within 3 different locations. We have recruited 15 students from the London College of Communication. The cohort has been selected from a variety of courses and from different progression levels. We have students from book arts, surface design, graphic design and illustration (BA, MA, FaD & FDA). This varied group of students will work closely together with staff and peers. Being all exposed to a variety of processes, weathers and locations, which we hope will enable the makers to react and respond to the environment and materials on offer. We hope to conclude the project into a work in progress exhibition, which is constructed and shown outside, showcasing all processes and responses.

Here is the blog to follow us during the project;

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