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Interview with Isabella Malheiros, LCF Fashion Photography

These interviews were conducted as part of a focus group at LCF, Lime Grove with students and staff, part of Online identities projects at UAL. The aim of the focus group was to explore some of the questions being raised for the upcoming DigiTell 2014 symposium to be held on the 4th of November at Chelsea College of Arts. Below is the results from one of these interviews.




Isabella Malheiros

Fashion Photography, LCF

Why have a presence online as a creative practitioner?

Because its online everyone can see it, everywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter. Its really open. Do you have a presence online? I do, I have a website for my photography. Do you find that your website is a good networking tool? I do, people like it and I get good feedback from it. Do you link that to your social media? Yeah, I do, so I can get my friends, and get my friends to share and find more and more people,  without it just being me, and not sharing it

What do you feel are the key challenges/barriers for creative practitioners in regards to an online presence?

I think the layout and making the presentation the way you would like it to be, and the way you feel comfortable showing people. Because sometimes I don’t share it, because I don’t know if I like that, or if other people will like it. Because sometimes even if its just for you, people will see it, and you care about what people think about it. So getting the presentation right is a big challenge. And do you find that easy on the website your using? Is it a website package, or did you make it from scratch? I use a WordPress, so its pretty easy and free. You can get cool things for free on websites. 

Should UAL support training and advice in the development and awareness of online practice?

UAL helped me with one Photoshop class, but nothing else that I know. Do you think training is something you would want? Yeah, I think it would be good to have training on that. Do you think that should be integrated into the course, or is it something you would like to be additional  to find for yourself? I think additional to find yourself. Because we have so many things to do on the course already. Do you still feel it needs to be specific to your genre? No, I don’t think it needs to be specific. Because I’m doing photography, but I can show you something that is not photograph in my work. Any kind of help is really helpful.

What constitutes an effective online presence?

Clear and clean. And nice content, otherwise it can be beautiful and stuff, but have nothing on it, and people won’t go. Basic something that looks good, and people are interested to go to. Do you think it needs to be part of a network to be effective? yes, I feel like I need to put my website everywhere. I think everyone’s doing this, because everyone want to show what they do, so you need to put it out there. 

How does the public nature of being online challenge the public/professional and private/personal boundaries of arts practice?

Yes, kind of. I keep everything I do on Facebook and stuff private, because when you go for an interview or something, people look at your Facebook etc and see what you have been doing, and what you have been posting online, and maybe even your website. So you kind of have to balance that, which can be really hard, because you really want to show everything and put everything out there, but you have to be very select. 



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