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IPR For Educational Environments - IPR Education

The free online Intellectual Property Rights for Educational Environments course is a HEFCE funded, and Higher Education Academy (HEA)/JISC managed, project created to introduce and build awareness of aspects of intellectual property rights and copyright.

The intended audience is primarily people in higher education designing online learning resources.  These course materials are also appropriate for academics working in HE staff development.

The course is divided into three units each comprising a number of sessions. Each element of the course can either be used independently or as a part of a complete learning experience.

While the course primarily addresses IPR in the UK, the course materials can be adapted and re-used to represent IPR issues in non-UK countries.

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Understanding of IPR - definitions and scope of application (Introduction and overview)

Unit 1 provides introductory information about IPR - information that introduces you to the key topics, issues and processes regarding IPR.  The information in Unit 1 will allow you to identify what's required in your own project as well as providing you with an opportunity to reflect on your knowledge.   You will find practical, "hands on" information, activities, scenarios, templates and resources to assist you in creating a framework to produce learning resources for an online educational environment.

See Unit 1

Unit Two: Appreciation of IPR impact on institutional systems and processes (Context)

Unit 2 delves into IPR, project process and project management in more detail.  Unit 2 builds on the knowledge gained in Unit 1 and allows you to adapt that knowledge specifically to your project's requirements.  Unit 2 also enables you to apply the knowledge gained from Unit 1 and adapt it to your own institutional framework.  The resources provided within this unit support deeper learning around IPR and provides supporting information and toolkits to address IPR clearance, project management plus institutional contexts and frameworks.

See Unit 2

Unit Three: Developing Content For A Multimedia-Multiplatform Course

This unit of the Intellectual Property Rights course will provide you with a platform to develop and upload your own open educational resource (OER) to share with the open education community through the JORUM repository of learning and teaching materials. You will create multimedia content and draw on your knowledge of IP, rights, release and licenses to develop an OER that may be shared and repurposed. You will also explore a range of ways in which the resource may be evaluated for its use and impact.

See Unit 3

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