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iTunes U OER for OEP unit


Download this video

This is a video summary of the OER I created as part of my Open Educational Practice unit. 

If you are interested in having a closer look at the OER I have created you can enroll using this code:



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Thank you, yes it all sounds like good experience and great your sharing. I personally find having a non proprietary online base for my OER is the best starting point and then filtering this content out into the commercial platforms, this way if anything changes on those platforms you can walk away without too much impact, I use to use youtube but just don't bother with this anymore.

Some links you may find useful below?

iTunes Ual ? 

UAL Photography 

Have we the right balance between open education and commercial social media?

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Thanks for your comment Chris! The problem you mentioned is a major set back in this platform. When I embarked on this project I understood iTunes U was accessible from PC's and iMacs, and in most cases it is, but as I found out only after having created the OER that unless you are creating an OER for a University that is already affiliated with iTunes U the OER will not be added to the iTunes U catalog, and it seems the only way you can enroll to an iTunes U course from a PC or iMac is through the catalog system. I found no information about this online and learned this the hard way by testing my OER. It works great on Apple mobile devices but of course that majorly limits who can use the OER. Now that I have started to accumulate content I will start looking for better, more open, platforms to plant my OER to. 
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Great overview video of your OER,  I've tired to access these OER on my Mac and I get this 'To access this course you must use an iOS device with the iTunes U app installed.' These look like great resources once you get to them, I'd like to have seen them in a more accessible OER environment (not in proprietary or behind login systems). 

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