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Jisc MediaHub lots of rich media for educational use

Jisc is now offering over 130,000 media items free to further education providers Jisc is now offering further education (FE) providers’ free subscription to Jisc MediaHub. It enables direct access to over 130,000 images, films and audio files, licensed for educational use. And also provides a search for over 1 million additional items available in various public collections. Jisc MediaHub allows cross-searching and exploration of TV news, documentary films, still images and classical music. To gain access to these resources FE providers simply need to sign up to the service through Jisc Collections.

Emily Armstrong, libraries & e-learning manager from Hull College, says: "I find Jisc MediaHub to be very useful both as a resource for students to study the videos and images, and for them to use to illustrate their assignments. For myself and our teacher education students it allows us to create appealing paper and electronic teaching materials, explain complex ideas more simply and engage visual learners."

Scott Gibbens, service representative at Jisc Collections, says: “We are delighted to offer Jisc MediaHub free to FE users. We hope this will help users to see the value they can gain from multimedia content and encourage them to share best practice examples. The service is already popular with over 171 FE colleges subscribed. I see it as a source that can allow teachers to use and develop a variety of teaching styles.”

Details of all the collections included are at Jisc Mediahub.

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