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Jonny Wheatley

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During my final project,I made a series of clips of various students working. I filmed Jonny while he was in the process of sanding down a piece of paper into dust. His way of working is different to most students, it's simple and has a very beautiful aesthetic. I am very fond of his work.

'The sanding down of an A1 piece of paper was about the idea of do something for the sake of something. I had nothing to gain except for the satisfaction of finishing the ordeal I had set myself.' Jonny Wheatley


Wimbledon Summer Shows 2011


Private View: Tuesday 19 April 2011 / 17.00 – 20.00
Open to Public: Saturday 16 April - Wednesday 20 April 2011 (closed Sunday 17 April)

Venue: Wimbledon College of Art, Palmerston Road, London SW19 1PB


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