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Justin Mortimer in conversation with Matt Price

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Paint Club UAL research event: Justin Mortimer in conversation with Matt Price at Haunch of Venison, Thurs 20 Nov 2012: See event details.

UALPaintClub - Paint Club is an informal network open to all staff and research students at the University of the Arts London, and anyone else with an interest in contemporary painting.Painting here is defined as an expanded field that relates to the specific histories and traditions of painting. Our activities publicly explore and debate what it means to research painting within the context of contemporary art practice. We aim to put on one or two events each year that respond to the concerns and interests of the membership.  Affiliations are established with other institutions both in the UK and world-wide.

The first public event, The Processes of Painting, was held in June 2009 at the Swedenborg Society Hall in Bloomsbury, London. Through a series of conversations with painters who teach at the UAL it explored questions about methodologies and technologies as well as notions of expression and intention. Future activities include the 'Look Club' that will develop critical discourse around a single contemporary or historical painting.

Paint Club was founded by Rebecca Fortnum (CCW Graduate School), Jeffrey Dennis (artist & tutor at Chelsea College of Art & Design), Mick Finch (Central St Martins College of Art),Dereck Harris (Wimbledon School of Art) and Daniel Sturgis (Camberwell College of Art)

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