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Kick off meeting CCW Digital Pop-Up MakerSpace

We had our kick off meeting for the CCW Digital Pop-Up MakerSpace project last week, a great turn out of staff and students from across CCW.

We already have some interesting ideas for projects and digital explorations to start to exploring together:

From big maker events like 'Up-Cycle Lab Live' a big jam event exploring reuse and repurposing of tech for arts practice to small tech experiments like a homemade raspberry pi 3D body scanner or the 'Arduino Repertoire' workshop made examples of working auduino projects on show for staff and students for the purposes reference and inspiration. 

We started to think about how we can move forward as sustainable communities of interest so to do this we created 5 groups of interest:

- Analogue and digital, recycle/Up-cycle old tech

- Artificial Intelligence, Drone, Gaming, Robotics, Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Computing

- Digital modeling, fabrication & 3D-scanning/printing

- Physical computing/interaction, Wearable’s, Haptic technology & Projection mapping (Sensors, Arduino, Processing, Max MSP, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro Bit)

- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holography

We are currently starting to form these groups and we hope to start creating activities and events which we will share on the CCW Digital Pop-Up MakerSpace page soon.


CCW Digital Pop-Up MakerSpace is an inter-disciplinary project funded by UAL L&T Exchange part of the Student-Staff Collaboration Fund would target all programme areas of Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Art (CCW) these include Fine Art, Design, Textiles & Theatre/Screen.

The ‘Pop Up Digital Making Space project aims to explore, share and build on our knowledge and experience of emergent digital practice and its relationship to disciplines at CCW.

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The project is led by Chris Follows CCW Digital.

If you would like to get involve (open to all including external partners) or find out more please Contact Chris Follows:



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