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Laser cut Sphere

Cardboard patterns
3D cardboard sketch model
Acrylic prototype
Design in Illustrator
Laser cutting
2 sets of cut components

The images depict the process of designing and producing numbered, flat packable, self supporting, acrylic spheres.

Given a diameter size of 120mm, a cardboard model was used to identify the main construction considerations, while a further prototype in acrylic was produced using a band-saw, to explore the materials behavior.

The design was then translated into Illustrator and "stencil" type face added.

Laser cutting the three main components in 3-mm acrylic took approximately 20 minutes.

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Many thanks for taking the time to comment and feedback on this post, I would agree in part with what your saying, this would be the ideal, although that would be the ultimate aim and goal and it could/should hopefully come in time. I think each post should be taken in context.

I think we have to first applauded those that make the first steps in to new open online practices for 'giving it a go'. We can also develop the site into a more wiki style group contributions style site so we make posts open for others to add all those extra elements and enhance the resource. I don't think we should expect every post on sites like this to be perfect as I feel that would put most people off from ever giving it ago or contributing in the future.   

Many thanks

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Another "I did this!" micro-descriptive posting. It would be more useful if more information were given, such as materials description, source of the laser cutting, problems encountered and how they were overcome, a photo of the completed sphere, etc. I would expect a more complete account of the project from people with a college degree.

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