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LCC lift

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Read the LCC lift 'scrolls' here - - "...It was especially interesting doing this performance at Chelsea as it was very different to LCC or Wimbledon. It was very well received at LCC – people were very interested and impressed, and well, at Wimbledon everyone knew me and many weren’t surprised it was me doing this sort of thing but at Chelsea the atmosphere was very different!..." Reflections on Performance - See more about Anna's project here - See Anna's posts on process.arts

Wimbledon Summer Shows 2011


Private View: Tuesday 19 April 2011 / 17.00 – 20.00
Open to Public: Saturday 16 April - Wednesday 20 April 2011 (closed Sunday 17 April)

Venue: Wimbledon College of Art, Palmerston Road, London SW19 1PB

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