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LCF Sense - First Meeting

LCF sense is a community to discuss any online identities issues with the LCF students. During our first meeting we have raised up different online problems that students faced.

First Meeting

  •  Is setting up an online platform/ website useful for students to presence themselves?
    We agreed it is very important to set up an online platform to showcase our work but students aren’t confident to do the process. Such as build up the website themselves. We don’t not have much clue about HTML and coding or even choose which online platform to do it. Students are not sure what to put online. They feared their works aren’t professional to be qualify in the industry. Some students claimed even they hold a professional website it is very hard to have the audience which leads no motivation of continuing.
  •  We also talked how social media platform had big impact to student.
    Students noticed social media platform is effective in order to promote themselves when they set up a website. However students said they have doubts on what to show between their own life and professional work. They wished to have tutorial on self-branding.
  • Throughout the meeting, we looked what kind of online platform that Ual has supported such as workflow, commonplace, and process.arts but students know none of them. Even the school provided the correct platforms for students but students aren’t inform for those. 
  •  In terms of the technical department, we found that not being open enough for student. Students only use the tech department to book equipment but when they come across with problems, students tend to sort it out by themselves.
  • When students come across with online tutorial vs face to face tutorial some students prefer online where you can assess 24/7 but the quality of the video must be clear and depth. We think face-to-face tutorial can be useful if students still found difficulties.

We continue discuss the issues in the following week and more depth solutions will be developed in next meeting

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