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Learn-IT Professional Online Identity update

The program for Professional Online Identities is taking shape, Learn-it have two fantastic lecturers who will be delivering sessions on using digital tools to build, enhance and promote your self on line, as well as further courses offered by industry. See full program development here:

Mark Wells is a Senior Lecturer, consultant and collaborative Digital Designer. He specialises in Interactive Design exploring the cross over of the virtual and physical space. Mark is currently exploring the digital intersections of creative communities both in education and the design industry.

As a lecturer at the University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion) and also the University for the Creative Arts he teaches interactive design and usability for fashion, journalism and design courses alongside developing these skills with staff and students alike.

Through his work in digital media design, Mark continues to develop his consultancy, collaborating with a range of clients, from individual artists to large multinational companies.

Zak Peric is a freelance artist, senior lecturer, co-ordinator and trainer, teaching for London College of Communication/University of the Arts London, Tower Hamlets College, Media Training and Life Long Learning-Tower Hamlets. 

Throughout his fourteen years of working in education/design industry he has taught many different disciplines within creative arts: Desktop Publishing, 3D, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Digital Editing. In addition he also delivers Certified Apple training for Apple Motion. He is engaged in writing software reviews for different software companies operating within the area of creative computing and design.  You can find his blog which serves as a platform through which visitors are able to learn different digital techniques through the use of online video tutorials. 

The aim of these sessions will be to work collaboratively with students and  staff from the pilot group, to deliver practical and theoretical skills that will be useful and in our opinion in Learn-it, we would be as bold to say crucial to students and staff to give them a cutting edge in their chosen industry. 

 When these skills are developed and utilised to full effect, a student will leave the final year of their course able to keep a personal and commercial digital footprint of their progress over the duration.  Of course some students and staff are already tech savvy and will be doing this, but we are not only looking to enhance their skills but reach the digitally scared, these who feel they haven't the time, or inclination to use digital technology. It is not enough to assume that students or staff have these skills, but to make sure they have the right skills, are able to Know which software to use, then if they chose to outsource this work, they come at it with an understanding of how and what might be necessary. 

Technology advances so fast that the tool they may use in the first year may have changed by their final year. It is about teaching digital confidence and capability, not specific software packages.  POI outcome is to enhance their digital capacity, not necessarily, say this is the best tool, use this. With open source software and choices given to students, they can make their own choices, which fit with their way of learning and creativity. The principal is not one size fits all, rather these are the tools you could use, this is how you use them to present yourself professional using them, now you decide. 

 If you would like to be involve in this project, or offer a course to learn-it please contact Chrissy at

Our full set of creative, social and office courses can be found on our website:

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