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Learning in Cyberspace: digital tutorials

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The project investigates web-based technologies as learning tools for CAD and digital visualisation with Vectorworks.

The programme is a complete beginners course designed for those with no or little knowledge of the software. The aim of the project is to support students' learning and refocus traditional classes on design activities.

The programme is available from 2 different platforms: a wiki site where students can download video tutorials and text based information and a virtual classroom in Second Life (SL) on the LCC island. The course consists of 5 modules, each modules containing 4 to 6 video tutorials.

The wiki site can be used by students individually to either prepare for classes or as revision material between classes. The SL environment can be used by students and tutors for group meetings with the possibility to also play tutorials and access additional information. There is also a gallery of work by LCC students. Both platforms include worksheets for learners and tutors to monitor progress.



You need a SL membership (it's free) and SL viewer installed on your computer to access the site.

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Hi Chris,

As a pedagogic research project supported by CLTAD & LCC I was able to use a parcel of land on the existing LCC SL island so there was no cost involved for the land. I was given ownership of this parcel by Andy Savery who manages the LCC island. He also helped me understand the basics of how SL works. All transactions in SL are in Linden $.

In a nutshell, you need to own a parcel of land to be able to build, upload and stream media. There are tool in SL you can use to build a space. It works in a similar way to 3D drawing software. I did this project in October/November and had never used SL before. I found some aspects of the process quite straightforward while others a little more complex e.g. you need to use scripts to make things happen.

I used the SL section of uTube to help me figure out how things worked when I got stuck. It's quite a good way to start. Just google Second Life on uTube and you'll find plenty of video tutorials.

Let me know how you get on.


cfollows's picture

Thanks, I visited your SECOND LIFE ENVIRONMENT, I like that you can view the content and choose and chat about the content with others in your proximity :)

I want to make a process arts ENVIRONMENT now. How did you go about setting it up, do you have any notes/tips you can post, did you buy this land, how much?

Cheers Chris

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