Life Drawing - Laurence Noga - Wimbledon foundation 2010/11

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Short video clip during a Life Drawing class by Laurence Noga at Wimbledon foundation September 2010/11

Project Title: MISREMEMBERINGS download project brief attached.

The aim of this project is to develop a personal and distinctive approach to your drawing from observation. It asks you to draw the figure in the built environment, and to develop an ambiguity in drawn.

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Ah its laurence!! i miss those wimbledon days!! he's stories were always so entertaining!! x

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I love this so much!!! " I kind of let the music invade around me"

Go Noga art machine go

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Thank you, any particular content, processes or teaching you would like to see ?

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This video will feature in the Foundation Drawing Exhibition Foyer Gallery at Merton Hall Road, Private View 5 October 2010 4.30pm.

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This is really usefull. Let's have some more videos...

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