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Lulu offers self-publishing print-on-demand and its risk-free



Lulu is dedicated to "printing on demand" but this is not a guaranty of sustainable printing. However the idea that it is possible to print one book at a time when required does reduce the amount of books printed in one run and is a more considerate way of using materials because it reduces excess production.

I have used Lulu and was pleased with the results. I think creating a book is a good way to document work, for example an exhibition book, which introduces the artist ideas. It is easy to pick up a book and generally a nicer experience than say the internet.

To document your work and present it in a book format simply save your work as a PDF file, upload your document and just like that, you've published it. Books can be printed as they are required.

Lulu offer a wide selection of paperback or hardcover, binding types and sizes, with low print costs, and author publishing services but I don't think they use recycled paper or have a sustainable policy. There are other e-publishing companies, which do a similar job as Lulu for example blurb. Or if you would like to explore sustainable printmaking then Issuu is a good place to begin.

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How do you define Lulu print as a sustainable way of printing? I think that to justify Lulu's presence in this space it needs more info on sustainability.

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Blurb is good to, I've used it a few times - books are really good quality and the software is really easy to use.

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