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Second year MA students will attend two hands-on sessions on Drupal, tomorrow and the following Wednesday. The flexibility of Drupal in terms of the type of content to be accommodated makes it a good solution for quick implementations of documentation system for conservation and cultural heritage. A core module, taxonomy, is good for structuring controlled vocabularies and thesauri which are widely used in cultural heritage. So I am looking forward to these sessions and getting some feedback from the students at the end of it. Perhaps there is scope for more generic training on Drupal in UAL. Chris, you had a couple of ideas about that, no?

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Hi Athanasios, how did the sessions go, be great to hear some feedback about drupal use. Yes we are planning some drupal sessions as part of the second term of the professional online identities programme pilot, we hope to get you along teaching some sessions? - - looking forward to catching up at the session The value of free software to education - an introduction to GNU/Linux, we've be spreading the word across UAL and twitter: 

Priceless! An important talk if anyone is in London... free software is invaluable for education:

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