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The MakerSpace MOOC the perfect storm at Chelsea Jam

The MakerSpace MOOC project would partner/closely align with existing MakerSpaces, the arts sector & arts education to explore how a MOOC style learning approach could support virtual & physical learning through the sharing of the MakerSpace/arts studio experience, skills, approach and ethos with a wider audience.

Ongoing conversation & presentation part of un-conference

About: Ideally the pilot would focus on specific cities where MakerSpaces exist e.g London, Manchester & Newcastle Upon Tyne as these spaces are increasingly becoming important physical making hubs for graduates, entrepreneurial activities and startups. So the 'MakerSpace4Arts' MOOC could explore the breath of maker learning from the type of maker skills and practices these spaces support in terms of individual PPD right up encouraging & supporting new individuals/group to start-up MakerSpace of their own in other cities maybe where these spaces are currently missing (this being a big issues at present as demand grows) e.g a MOOC on 'How to make a MakerSpace'.

What we would like to gain: We are currently looking to build a support community for this project with potential MOOC partners from across the sector including MakerSpaces, industry, arts professionals & education.

Time: All day have a chat with Chris Follows

Please email Chris Follows - for more information.

Or tweet @ArtsMOOC



Book your free place here:

More event details: here

Please come and join us for a digital making community building event (open to the public) at Chelsea College of the arts on May 13th.

Meet specialist makers, learn about digital making & MakerSpaces at CCW MakerSpace day: 'Chelsea Jam' aims to bring together staff, students and MakerSpaces from across London & UK to share perspectives on digital making within the arts with an aim of establishing a new 'arts digital making community'.

Please come and join us and encourage others along for:

CCW Digital MakerSpace Day: Chelsea Jam on 13th May in the Banquetting Hall at Chelsea College. 

The event is open to all staff and students and are encouraged to drop-in anytime between 11am - 4pm (FabLab presentation start at 1pm).


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