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MakerSpace Presentations and #ChelseaJam un-Conference

Along side the 14 different MakerSpace activities (drop-in 11am to 4pm) in the Banquetting Hall at Chesea on May 13th (see full programme here) we also have MakerSpace three fantastic lunchtime presentations (1pm to 2pm) followed by a #ChelseaJam un-Conference in the adjoining Red room (2pm to 4pm).

MakerSpace Presentations

in the Red Room May 13th




What: - How Fab Lab London came about | More Details here

Who: Ande Gregson, Co-founder Fab Lab London and creative technologist. Exploring the intersection of science, arts & technology



Title: Design Untitled

What: Our session is a joint presentation between Fablab London and UAL Central Widening Participation Team which highlights the benefits of a collaborative project | More Details here.

Who: Fablab London and UAL Central Widening Participation Team



Title: Exploring the Open Workshop Network

What: The Open Workshop Network (OWN) is an ongoing research project into the larger making community of London. An exhibit and presentation (13:30 to 14:00 including questions)| More Details here

Who: Liz Corbin, resident PhD student at the Institute of Making and organizer of the Open Workshop Network 



#ChelseaJam ‘un-Conference’

Makers Corner in the Red Room from 2pm


Audience takes an active part in shaping the day by volunteering to take part in sharing your experiences of digital making.

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