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Meeting #1 CSM : Press Play

The students in attendance were from BA Criticism, Communication and Curation, with varying interests in this field.


All students agreed that an Online Identity is vital to their practice! However, they don’t feel they have the support from the university to further this.


None know how to make a website apart from a few who mentioned Wordpress, Wix and Squarespace. Not one student had any experience with coding at all.


The students felt like most of the problems were inaccessibility. They know there are amazing digital facilities but have no idea how to access them or if they’re even allowed to access them.


The Stage 2 students from BA CCC have had 3 workshops with 4D (see attached document) that was organized as part of our unit. This is a first for our course. This included an introduction to Digital Publishing through InDesign and introduction to animation using Maya and Adobe Flash. We didn’t’ do a workshop on website creation which we felt was perhaps more important than a crash course in animation.

The things students were most concerned about when it came to website were:

  1. Buying a domain name
  2. Do you need a web provider? Which one? How can you be more independent?
  3. Design
  4. Google Analytics

The students wanted to learn Web design, Photoshop and more in depth InDesign.

Students felt that a workshop was not the most effective way of learning through Digital Media, as there are many different levels of computer experience, some felt they got left behind when doing these sessions. Instead, it would be more effective to have a webinar with a ‘progress’ tutorial where you could ask for specific help after having participated in the online learning.

Students were particularly against using Moodle, finding it not user friendly. The students wanted a website that could be more student/staff run, with a skills swop service. 

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