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Meeting #3 CSM : Press Play

All UAL Online Identity communities met to discuss what had come out of their individual meetings and discuss common ideas that had arisen.

The key thoughts were:

  1. More web training is needed
  2. Integration of online identity / web training from the 1st year and developed upon throughout the courses
  3. Staff need to be aware of the online resources and how to use them to effectively translate this to their students
  4. Web training needs to be up to date and keep up with the online trends


We collectively decided to categorise our findings from the meetings into the following headings:

  1. Industry Insight
    1. For example: Casper Llewellyn Smith (Music Editor for The Guardian) insists on the importance for an online identity when looking for a career in Journalism
  2. Online Presence
    1. How do we use social media platforms to benefit our practice?
    2. Are our personal online identities affecting our future job prospects?
    3. How can we protect ourselves and our work online?
  3. Web Training
    1. As mentioned in the key thoughts, students would like an integration of web training into the curriculum from 1st Year.
  4. Staff Awareness
    1. Staff need to be supported to be current with the online platforms and tools that can be used to push the students work further
  5. Discipline Specific
    1. What is the difference of an Online Presence for an Art programme vs. a Design programme vs. a Writing programme
    2. The development of Online Identities could become a way for cross-collaboration between the courses in UAL
  6. Business World
    1. Using Online Identity for professional practice
    2. The difference between a student online identity and a graduate online identity
  7. Accessibility
    1. Students need a clear guideline as to what is accessible to them during and after their studies
    2. Some course descriptions do not meet with their expectations due to a limitation on Online training skills
  8. Student Presence
    1. There is a lack of student presence due to the lack of solid web training available. For example: An online student magazine could be established with UAL


It was from these meetings that CSM : Press Play has come up with two Proposals to continue the DIAL Project.


Chris Follows, Project Manager for DIAL, showed us the David White framework for mapping an Online Identity, which you can learn more about in the video HERE


We were then challenged with making our own maps and the result of mine was….


I noticed that a lot of my personal and professional online identity overlaps...



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Great summary thank you Kimberly, I guess CSM : Press Play will need to be added to your V&R map soon :)

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