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Finishing Introduction
Autograph Bronzes
Fine Finishing
Casting Faults 1
Casting Faults 2
Casting Faults 3
Reconstructing Cast Sections
Supports, Fixtures & Fittings

Joining & Cutting
Welding & Brazing
Oxy Gas Welding
Oxy Gas Cutting
TIG Welding 1
TIG Welding 2
MMA Stick Welding
MIG Welding
Plasma Cutting
Studio Welding

Came across this brilliant OER site and was wondering if your team could make use or specifically reuse of any of these resources? They are all creatively commons licensed would be great to see how they could be adapted and reused?

Links left are a good sample of just one page of hundreds of resources site wide.

Introduction to Surface Finishing
Protecting a Polished Finish

Applied Patination Processes
Surface Condition & Patination
Preparing a Surface for Patination
Preparing & Applying Patination Chemicals
Cold Patination
Hot Patination
Fume Patination
Buried & Covered Patination
Patina Finishing & Protection
Enhanced Wax Finishes
A Beginners Guide to Patination
Basic Patination Technique
Patina (Brown & Black)
Patina (Green)
Patina (Red)

Alternative Protective Coatings for Sculpture
Zinc Galvanising & Other Coatings
Metal Spraying & Bronzing
Antique & Tempra Paint Finishes
Oil Paints
Commercial Paints
How To Get The Right Finish
Finishing Summary
Finishing Keywords
References & Further Reading


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cfollows's picture

Thanks Steve will pass on your feedback via this link. Great idea about images be great to test that out on one of the resources? It would also test be a good experiment for the remixing of the licences, we'd have to keep/use their existing licence we'd just add images by (whoever created them into the licence) .

swood's picture

What a fantastic resource, I'll forward this link to the sculpture technicians here at Wimbledon. It would be great to add some more images from their experience's as educators. 

This is an excellent opportunity to forge some collaborations and promote open educational resources.