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Hello! I produced for the competition an alternative way of embedding Youtube videos in web pages. It allows thedesigner to be more creative extending link referencing, adding more functions and buttons with a clean and minimalistic design.

Since it's web based, needless to say, it only makes sense if viewed online, THUS here's few links:


the first leads to the statement of the piece here (fundamental)

I thought I wanted to test it on a real website. For another project I was already designing the website of a fictional contemporary art magazine so, I've added a My Alive Banner to one of its pages. Hope you'll like it
the example of the implemented work here

The other example shows it applied to the process.arts head banner. I copyed the layout of the website and have added the My Alive Banner. In this case it could act as showcase for the most relevant videos recently apploaded. here

My Alive Banner is the horizontal banner containing the three videos. they play loop their contents and clicking on them they open other pages. In this case I choose as subject Lynch and one of his interview. every page and videos can be changed to adapt to the new context (for instance another article)


As mentioned in the statement, here's he link to the 'code document' and to the 'intructions'




ps: i considered the option of showing the process but I found very difficult to document the progresses in since I worked with internet coding (html, css, javascript). I'm afraid there would only be some badly designed web pages to show...

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okay, fine by me. don't get me wrong, i don't mind open discussion but when it comes to actually work on something a smaller group facilitates the effort to put into the work. I'm up for it, speak soon

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Thanks, will have a think and a chat with our developer. Students at LCC would like to have a wall of videos some playing at the same time, more creative, experimental, curated ... for process.arts we could try it out to feature/showcase content as you said. - will send email if that's best for you, but do enjoy the open discussion.

All the best


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Ah, was just thinking that we can easily have, for the banner on the alto home page, if you want to keep it, buttons to slide groups of three videos at a time, like you have for the pictures... this will allow you to have a richer showcase without slowing the page down too much

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Hi Chris, it is surely possible and I followed the same principle to create my banner ('enhance' embedding). I see two differences at least, firstly my banner wasn't meant to be fully 'operable' in terms of the functionality of the videos (ie progress bar, play, stop, etc) but this can be easily adapted. this because i wanted it to be more of a 'visual' experience (in terms for example of narrative) than a real video player, while LiveShare is very much so.

secondly, I would need to work side by side with a proper programmer to get the interface as user-friendly as possible. what i designed requires coding on both sides (creator and user). there are instructions but if you're looking at big changes you have to write your code. (following a similar opposition to Win/Linux). that's possible too anyway.

in the end what is it that you want to achieve exactly? I couldn't open the LCC page. let me know that we can discuss this further (also using my college email,

best michele

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Hi Michele, this is really great, will see if we can use this on process.arts. We're working on the NAM project at London College of Communication - we we're thinking of using - could this code be adapted to replicate this ?


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