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New animation: Intellectual Property Rights in the Web 2.0 world

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Animation and links to JISC projects:

Users of Web 2.0 content and services across education are set to benefit from a brand new animation which highlights the importance of considering IPR in their use and re-use of interactive Web 2.0 technologies. Discussed in the JISC-sponsored 'Digital Student'1 supplement in today's Guardian, it considers IPR for blogging, podcasting and other multimedia.

Confusion about IPR and its relation to Web 2.0 is widespread. The free Web2Rights online diagnostic tool2, highlighted by the animation, seeks to address this within education, providing a step-by-step user guide to ensure the protection of both their and others’ copyright in using, deploying and repurposing content.

The six-minute animation is accessible and colourful, portraying in a light-hearted way some of the issues involved via three typical case studies: a researcher, a lecturer and a student. These examples pinpoint areas where confusion exists, or even where many may not consider IPR to be an issue at all, and signpost back to the online diagnostic tool for further guidance and information.

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I am wondering, do animators (for intsance the ones making the chickens in the Chicken run movie) have neighboring rights for their 'peformances' in that movie?

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