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OER Infrastructure polarities

Where are we now and where are we going? This post records some notes I made following a OER Infrastructure group discussions at the SCORE autumn Symposium, as we talked I began to see the OER landscape and its tools on two polarities. I also see the notion of setting up and developing OER infrastructures as very subject specific. I created this Prezi to help see what the grey area was in the middle and see if this is where the most effective and sustainable OER infrastructure could exist?

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Rigid - Flexible

Closed - open

Institutional - Social

Complicated - simple

Accessible - inaccessible

Technical - non-technical

Out sourced - In House

Technical Aggregation - Community (human) Aggregation

Fixed - Agile

Practice - community of practice

General - specialist

Public - private

Formal - informal

Low risk - High Risk

IT - Commercial providers


Tacit - Explicit

Paid for system - Open source

Course specific

Policy driven


Private and Public


OER obstacles

General Participation



Focus on users

Forced voluntary

Teacher's voice

Creative commons

Universal language


Sustainable open practice

Digital literacies

High production value

Low production value

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