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Online Presence: useful resources from University of Hull

Some useful resources and info on this site from the University of Hull 'The Digital Student' covering themes such as Digital You, Social Networks, Protecting yourself online, Working in the cloud:

This website is here to help you make the most of out of digital technology, the internet and mobile devices. Being smart in your use of these tools will help you study, learn and develop, all of which can give a noticeable boost to your academic progress.

Thinking about how you engage with these tools is important as they can also impact on your future career prospects. Potential employers usually screen candidates via the internet so you need to be confident in the things you share and the privacy levels you set. Also - as most companies want to hire digitally literate graduates it is increasingly important you are confident with digital technologies. 

This site will help both new and confident users to make the most out of what is available.



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