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Open Access #### read the article on current issue 173 of Radical Philosophy

I want to call the attention on the current issue of Radical Philosophy as it contains an article strongly related to practices discussed on Process Arts, either regarding learning or, as in this case, knowledge produced in Universities, titled 'Pirate Radical Philosophy' by Gary Hall.

A good number of articles of the journal are accessible online, this one can be found here, even though when possible, it is good practice to buy the actual copy as it helps to keep the journal published.


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as it will take me some time to go through the concepts behind the 'Cognitive Capitalism'. Even though, I strongly believe that a new perspective from a successful point of view (in terms of models to study and maybe adopt) could come following David Brady. An American folk, a sociologist that has studied in depth poverty and the welfare system.


here's his CV. This is the introduction on google books of his seminal work 'Rich Democracies Poor People' is really worth a reading. What i found interesting is the fact that now he's off to Berlin at the WZB, a social research centre, to study the way Germany has dealt with the crisis in social terms and why it has probably the highest workers' wage in the world, very strong unions combined with a strong welfare state.


Commercially the position of Germany is strongly debated, some says it's even benefiting from the Eurozone crisis. What interests me though more than the economics here, is the model Germany can offer in terms of innovation. If the Silicon Valley is a model we surely need to look at, I want to stress the fact that there are alternative models where innovation and entrepreneurship have been successfully nourished.

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Great article "emergence of autonomous, self-organized learning communities" nice. I'm working my way through it, and lots to reference. Also see another poor ICA debate, must be common practice -

Although some good stuff came out of it -In her essay “Academy as Potentiality,” Irit Rogoff draws attention to the changing priorities of the academy and proposes an alternative to its corporatization through the adoption of research and knowledge projects that privilege what is significant over what is useful. She introduces the concept of potentiality (and fallibility) as a way of re-thinking and re-making the academy as a space for speculation and experimentation rather than the manufacture of knowledge products.
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