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The Open College of the Arts producing OERs

Over the last two years the The Open College of the Arts have been producing regular and really high quality videos of artists talking, demonstrating their processes etc and students talking about their work, as well as exhibition reviews etc for their students.  The OCA have made their resources open access on two websites:

The OCA is an educational charity established in 1987 to widen participation in arts education. Students can study our courses to develop their skills or to gain credits towards a degree. Undergraduate degrees are accredited by Bucks New University. Our postgraduate MA Fine Art degree is accredited by the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

A recent set of videos of Eileen Adams talking about sketchbooks is an example of the quality and richness of their material. New material is coming in January about using old type sets.

VIDEO: Making the most of sketchbooks and learning logs

Eileen Adams is a fervent believer in the value of sketchbooks. We were delighted when this sketchbook guru (known for her contribution to Campaign for Drawing) agreed to be filmed talking about sketchbooks and the role of learning logs. I approached her after hearing her keynote speech at a conference all about sketchbooks earlier in the year in which she inspired all present. Its really worth taking a look at what she has to say since she has spent many years thinking and learning about sketchbooks and their many uses. She talks about this in this first clip.

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