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There are two possible levels to open practice in the creative sector, as the teaching/technical staff are all teacher/practitioners. As in Shreeve’s (2008) five categories of practice, ‘Transitions: variations in tutors' experience of practice and teaching relations in art and design’, above we can see how all these different categories of practice can have an impact on the relationship of teaching practice and professional creative practice and the notion of open online practice adds a third layer of complexity to this already complex list of categories and definitions of practice. The below table attempts to illustrate how openness in practice will inevitably include both educational practice and professional practice if its to prosper, this would present wider implications for moving towards open practice and the relationship of open practice with profession and employability. This may also see a move away from the definition of open educational practice (with a focus on education) towards a combined catchall definition of OPEN ONLINE PRACTICE.


Dropping in. There is an asymmetrical relationship between online learning & teaching practice & traditional teaching practice with the focus on traditional teaching.





Integrating. There is a holistic relationship between traditional teaching practice, open educational practice & open professional creative practice.

Learning and teaching practice (academic & technical)

More details see link below

Open Educational Practice OEP


4 categories of open educational practice:

1. OEP unaware (Novice)
2. OEP aware (visitor)
3. OEP starter (lodger)
4. OEP resident

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Professional creative practice (arts/design studio practice, creative industries)

Open creative practitioner


Open studios, website, blogs, professional networks, social media networks, rich media networks, online arts video debates etc. Artist example

For more details on practice and open educational practice definitions see

Shreeve, A. (2008). Transitions: variations in tutors' experience of practice and teaching relations in art and design. PhD Thesis, Lancaster University, Lancaster.



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