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Open UAL badges DIAL pilot design project

The DIAL project has proposed the following design brief for a student designer from the new 20:20 Design funding call an ArtsTemps funded project, aimed at offering more internal design opportunities to our graphic design students and graduates. 20:20 Design offers 20 hours free design work from a UAL graphic designer, towards a project of your choice:

Open UAL badges DIAL pilot design project

The DIAL project designer will be given the task of researching and designing a series of ‘open badge icon images’ for the DIAL project to pilot alongside our current projects - and the The Professional Online Identities POI Programme.

Open badges are digital badges (image icons), which are issued/awarded to an individual to highlight particular (hard and soft) skills gained by either taking part in a small courses/training or being a productive/effective digital citizen within a particular online peer network. The badge can be displayed on your online profile as a recognition and demonstration of your skills and experience. The digital badge also has ‘meta data’ (digital info/links) embedded into the badge to point to further information, evidence etc. Participants can earn their badge by undertaking specific training or participating in peer-to-peer activities, which mostly stand outside the conventional curriculum rewards. The badges are awarded by either a course tutor or by a related peer-to-peer network.

Image above: Open badges anatomy (CC BY SA - Kyle Bowen)

The DIAL projects are aimed at staff and students so the badges would have to reflect both, some badges could be designed and targeted at specific groups, e.g. staff or student.

Tate imageWe would like to try and reflect the UAL brand in the badges in some way, we may need to experiment with different designs some with a strong UAL brand and some without to see what works best. No print time predicted.We’d like the designer to consult other staff and students about the designs and to share the process of developing the designs on 

See more about open badges here -

Badge example -

And more -

And some Fine Art insperation from Sir Peter Blake from the Tate website -


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The notion of obtaining a mini-credential associated with mastering a specific skill is already engrained in those -

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From twitter for reference:

Ready to start designing ? Check out our new badge design canvas. Let us know what you think!