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'Painting as a Document', Paint Club at Tate Britain # 2 Friday 25th April 2014 1pm

Painting as a Document: Friday April 25th 1pm - 2.30 pm Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain.

What is lost or gained when we view a painting as a complex document, rather like any other kind of historical or anthropological source? Does this form of analysis, however finely tuned, actually ignore some other, more essential form of experience that a painting offers us, something inextricably bound up with our humanity, and with the painting’s physical status as an object in the world?

Join us for the second of two Paint Club events at Tate Britain. An artist and a writer discuss their relationship with particular paintings on display at Tate Britain, during an interactive lunchtime event

Read full details of the event, including how to book, here.

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Looking forward to it, great they were recorded would have liked to have been there, hopefully more events to come?

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You will be able to view the whole event on-line here shortly!

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