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PHOTOGRAPHY FUTURES - A UAL Community of Practice



A UAL Community of Practice

Leader: Anne Williams, Programme Director for Photography, School of Media, LCC

LCC has a well-established tradition of experimental, research-based and conceptually strong practice in photography that has long questioned the boundaries of the medium and engaged with other arts and media practices such as film and video, sonic art, multimedia, CGI, computer games, sculpture, performance, installation, public art and participatory art practices, while at the same time maintaining an equally strong tradition of the still image in its own right, on the gallery wall or in book, magazine or web publishing. In the present context it would seem that the photographic is about to dissolve entirely into digital culture, and it is at this juncture that we are proposing to initiate a community of practice that will create a dialogue around the future of photography, indeed of the image itself since the photographic has come to dominate so much of modern and contemporary culture. Such an initiative will by its nature cross disciplinary and media boundaries; it will also make sense for it to cross college boundaries since there are a number of other media specialisms across the university that will be grappling with the same issues and possibilities. It will also provide a platform through which to engage with strategic partners in the arts, media and technology industries in a theoretical and practical exploration of the photographic which both builds on the traditions and strengths of photography at LCC, and considers its relationship to the new media forms into which it is both merging and which it in part defines. To initiate this process we would propose setting up a forum which will mix internal and guest speakers in a round table discussion. This will offer us a structure to discuss and plan future events and collaborations, culminating in a conference on the future of photography in collaboration with academic, arts, media and industry partners (for which additional funding will be sought from external partners), and ultimately in the establishment of a research hub on the same subject.


To consolidate UAL’s leading position at the forefront of photography education through the development of a community of practice in photography.

To build on existing experience and expertise in the development of innovative research-based practice and theoretical models.

To expand the critical and practical dialogue around the medium of photography in the context of the rapid acceleration of digital culture.

To establish a research hub in collaboration with academic and industry partners.


The development of an innovative critical and practical dialogue around contemporary and future photography practice and its relationship with digital culture.

The creation of a platform through which to initiate and develop strategic partnerships.

An enhanced student experience engaging with issues at the forefront of the discipline.


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cfollows's picture

Hi Anne, I look forward to seeing this project develop, sounds like a big project. Have you seen this open photography course - also have you logged into theres some great student research posts?

All the best. 

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