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Physical Computing Group

The Physical computing Group will explore the use of interactive physical systems (software and hardware) such as those listed technologies on art & design practice, we aim to build a UAL wide community of interest who participate in meet-ups to share of practice, collaborate with the sector & work together to develop exhibitions, workshops & events.

  • Physical computing/interaction
  • Sensors, Arduino, Processing, Max MSP, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro Bit
  • Wearable’s
  • Haptic technology
  • Projection mapping

The group is part of CCW Digital and the CCW Pop Up Digital MakerSpace project an inter-disciplinary Student-Staff Collaboration.

The ‘Pop Up Digital MakerSpace project aims to explore, share and build on our knowledge and experience of emergent digital practice and its relationship to disciplines at CCW and beyond.

Twitter: @CCWDigital

Contact: Chris Follows

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