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Pillar Drill demonstration (Model-making Wood Workshop)

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Action Research Project Demonstration video for student feedback group

N.B. This tutorial supports the use of machines in the Model-making Wood Workshop and does not in itself qualify you to use this machinery. Should your course have an entitlement to workshop access, in order to achieve this you would need to undergo a full induction arranged through the appropriate course leaders and technical staff.

This is an experimental video as a part of my PG Cert Action Research project to explore an intervention to enhance workshop inductions at Central Saint Martins. It is hoped especially that students already involved in feedback will be able to respond.

In this video I will cover the following points:

Consult Safe Systems of Work

Wear Eye Protection

Wear a dust mask when appropriate

Main controls and Emergency Stop

Open drill chuck and insert drill

Tighten chuck with key

Close chuck guard

Locate backing board

Adjust table height and secure

Secure work piece with clamp

Adjust depth stop collar

Put on eye protection and mask if dust is likely

Switch on and slowly lower feed lever

Raise feed lever and switch off

Remove work when drill has stopped and clear up waste

Replace chuck key and drill bit






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