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The PlanEt project

PlanEt is a collaboration research project between World Wilder Lab ( , Cyril Shing and DRS02 from Chelsea College of Arts BA Interior and Spatial Design course.


PlanEt - Collaboration Project WWL+ Chelsea College of Arts BA ISD DRS02

The project is funded by Creative Works London ( to research and develop a digital device using plant as sensor to collect data. The data will be used to create a “digital painting” which represents the healthiness of the plant and its immediate environment. The design of PlanEt is to encourage users to learn and understand the role of plants in our city; help sharing the valuable data to an online platform and building a collective knowledge of our living environment.

Driving PlanEt project is a social enterprise concept. With the open source and easy accessible technologies behind PlanEt, it allows anyone to use it regardless of the age or knowledge. Its online platform helps building a “digital green communities”. It suggest a collective effort to understand and campaign the value of protecting our environment for plants and our wellbeing, as well as influencing policy makers.

Academic Research

The development of the PlanEt device and its research result will make direct contribution to our ongoing research in environmental data and its implication to spatial design. The research is a preliminary examination of how artists and designers appropriate and repurpose “scientific” techniques to create pieces that are actively guide analytical reasoning and encourage everyone to engage in a contextualized reading of the subject matter, in this case, the environment we are living in. It also further foster the research in digital design and it application for a social initiative.

Pedagogy Value

The PlanEt project has been an enhancement for the student’s learning experience in the course. Students are having their opportunities to work alongside with professionals and entrepreneurs. The project was designed with our current curriculum for our students to develop skills in digital design, coding and digital fabrication.

The partnership between World Wilder Lab and Cyril has been the platform to provide guidance and mentorship for the students. Encourage them to deepen their learning and finding their intrinsic value through developing the project. Students are motivated and has been producing exceptional outcomes. The extrinsic value of those outcomes are adding significant value to their confidence to work with professionals and increase their employability in their career development.

For University of Arts London

The design concept of the project has already won a second prize in N.I.C.E. awards. ( So far in this project, UAL has been sharing the research initiatives and is the partner of this innovative project. The project outcomes will be contributing to the digital culture within UAL and be an example for working with innovative research partners. The outcomes of this residency project will also match with UAL research strategies which helps to raise the research profile within academic sections and professional industries.

PlanEt project will be continued and further developed into 11 project among the students. A workshop of the project will be held in Rottendam in late Jan. A symposium and exhibition around the project will be in mid-February. The final project result will be exhibited in April in a Creative London Festival at King’s College.

Information for the project

Funded Organisation: Creative Works London (

Entrepreneurs / Artist: World Wilder Lab (

Academic Institute Project Partner: Cyril Shing (UAL)

Academic Institute Project Researchers: Cyril Shing, Ciriaco Castro, DRS02-2015-16 (UAL)

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