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Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace week 7 & 8 Highlights

We had our most productive & interesting couple of weeks to date between the 7th -18th March, see below links to info and images from the meet-ups, workshops and events. We are now looking to pick up on the activity from where we left off before Easter and are now busy planning the ‘CCW Digital Maker Week’ 16th to 20th May 2016, let us know if you’d like to get involved.

Event & Workshop

SUBJECTIVISATION OF SOUND: Sound workshop & performance Friday 11th March 2016 Chelsea

CCW Digital were really please to host a performance and master class Subjectivisation of Sound by Alexey Grachev and Sergey Komarov took place on March 11th at Chelsea College of Art Parade Ground. Alexey and Sergey are part of CYLAND and were visiting London as part of Convergence, a celebration of musical pioneers, visual artists and technologists. See some images of the event on the CYLAND website.

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication Group:

Meet-ups are proving a useful opportunity for staff & students to share practice

3D Printing Meet-Up Friday 18th March 2-4pm

3D printing made simple (Workshops)

We piloted 2 3D printing student led workshops: Introduction to 3D printing, using Blender software and our Ultimaker 3D printer. The workshop was led by Alejandro Escobar currently studying on the MA Fine Art Digital at Camberwell College of the Arts.

The workshop was part of our new 'Student Led Digital Workshops & Events' pilot project: a series of informal workshops & meet-ups in the spirit of the staff & student collaboration project 'Pop Up Digital MakerSpace'.

Virtual/Mixed Reality Group

Some really interesting work being explored mixing arduino & the VR Uninty software, the group started to plan a workshop for the May event

Virtual/Mixed Reality Q&A Meet-Up Thurs 17th March 2016

Virtual/Mixed Reality Q&A Meet-Up 10/03/16

Staff and students exploring Leap Motion with Oculus Rift, really gratefully to Leap Motion for sending us some free sensors to experiment with.

Physical Computing Group:

Grzesiek our staff tech specialist led this workshop, which started to explore at how Arduino & Raspberry Pi compare, contrast and work together. We need to start to separate these meet-up sessions into introduction level to intermediate & advanced.

Arduino, sensors and interactive tech Q&A Meet-Up Weds 16-03-16

Arduino, sensors and interactive tech Q&A Meet-Up 08/03/16

A fantastic student-led session by physical computing specialist Nick from Camberwell College of the Arts, Nick provided a useful intro overview of electronics and we explored creating circuit boards.

We used Fritzing an open source, free software for designing circuit boards

Other project up-dates:

Virtual Reality Workshop 27th April 2016

Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace week 7 & 8 Highlights

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