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Press moulded ceramic sphere (Part 1)

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This is a demonstration showing how to make a press moulded ceramic sphere, which is burnished and low fired. (Part 1)


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Dont see a problem with the slip casting of such a large piece i would be careful how you fire it!! Posted on behalf of Manda Helal

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Please could you help me with some advice on slip casting in bone china. I wish to make large vessels 75cm high & 50cm in diameter , and as thin walled as possible, in slip cast bone china.

Is there any reason why this is not possible. I would like to be aware of any stumbling blocks before spending money on materials.

This is a medium I would like to work in , I have had some experience in ceramics through a three year GAD art course I did in England working in stone ware & terracotta.

I live in rural France now & find it difficult to get information on this subject.

I would be most grateful for any advice you may have to offer.

Thank you RM

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