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Prisma is live visual software for live performance


Prisma is live visual software that was developed for presenting visuals in a live performance by Merzbow & XXX Residents at DMM VR Theater. It uses the big transparent projection screen installed in front of the stage of the theater to make Pepper's ghost illusion. See the photo and video collection for how it looks.

Although the basic design of the project is much similar to my previous Pepper's ghost project Mirage, it has been improved in several ways.

One of the biggest changes that made a large performance gain is introducing Shadow Slicer. This made it possible to render shadows on the background screen without regenerating shadow maps multiple times (it was the most significant performance bottleneck in the previous project). For further details of Shadow Slicer, see the source code of Shadow Slicer.

@_kzr pushed the #unity3d project that was used in the show to GitHub. Much improved from the previous version. 


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