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Sheila MacNeill wrote: There are a growing set of resources on the support wiki around communication and dissemination<> , including a great post<file://localhost/blog%20http/> from Steve Boneham (Netskills) on why projects should blog.

Highlight: The W2C project blog<> (part of the current JISC DVLE programme<>). The team at MMU are using this blog really effectively to share project developments, thought processes etc.  They have also been able to use the blog as a basis for   their project reports.

Attached is a copy of a recent interim report which shows the degree of integration of the blog and the reporting process. Sections 2 (activities and progress) and 5 (outcomes and lessons learned) are particularly worth a look.  I hope you find it useful and it that helps you to think about the shape the use of your respective project blogs, and how you can use it as an integral part of your project reporting.


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