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Proposal for a Online Identities Symposium

This proposal has been produced by Kimberley Cunningham, the Community Developer for CSM; Press Play. It has been developed through discussion with her community group at CSM in relation to their need to hear from experts and people within the industry regard professional online presence and how to go about creating one that is both creative and professional. The Symposium will look at issues such as online copyright, branding, web design and digital publishing. 

Online Identities Symposium

A series of talks discussing ideas of online identity and exploring the challenges, development and vital branding role within an Arts profession.

This could be a day’s symposium or a weekly series of talks by professionals and UAL support staff in how to create an online identity and the various challenges and essentials.

Speakers could draw upon themes that are relevant to their own practice and may include:

  1. Branding
  • Mark Norton (ThinkFarm As a strategic brand consultant, Mr Norton could discuss how online presence is a reflection of your brand and how to use it as a tool to further your practice
  • Diane Silverthorne and Nick Lambert ( BA CCC lecturers) discussing the importance of institutional branding through websites
  1. Copyright – a lawyer discussing the various legal/ copyright infringement issues surrounding websites and social media. How one may protect their own work.
  1. 4D – an introduction to the technological team at CSM and their specialties. How students and staff may access these services.
  1. The Guardian education department – The future of digital publishing and how having an online presence is vital to this practice

Online Identities Symposium was developed and held in 2014:

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