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Rationale for Ipad in Laser cutting

Here are the rationale regarding why the laser cutting resource at Chelsea college of Arts and Design , need an Ipad permanently as a teaching and learning tool which will increase students 'experience.
  • I have been using the IPad since July 2013 as an everyday tool in the laser cutting resource.
  • I use it as a photographic tool to record students work, and the sample experiments I have undertaken at Chelsea to demonstrate the laser cutting process possibilities. See examples
  • I use it as a video tool to record work being laser cut, laser engraved or laser rasterised as it is being processed. See examples
  • I use it to create tutorial about file making in the illustrator software, so students can understand how for example a drawing saved as a Jpeg can be transformed into an illustrator file.
  • I use it to file materials companies which i will refer students to.
  • I use it to create folders of students works based on the inductions program for example for the BA graphic design and the elective cohort which i have run this year.
  • I use it to record events such as the 3D printing fair last week at the Business Design centre or Design Junction during the Design week in London. These photographs and videos are then shown to students.
  • I use Apps like 123d catch and  123 Design which both deals with drawing digitally and 3D forms. These allow students who might not be totally fluent in the English language to explain through a quick drawing what their idea is. This in turn helps me understanding better how to support and help them.
  • I find the IPad is an immediate tool which as a screen large enough to communicate with students and a very good lens.
  • It is easily carried so in a room with a large group , it can be easily passed around. Student are so familiar with the Ipad that I feel it is essential that as a technician involved in teaching and learning, I acquire a tool which is relevant to students' lives and their culture of processing information and storing it.
The Ipad has been a revelation for me as I have never used one previously and probably was prejudiced in thinking it was a toy, I have now completely embraced this amazing tool and feel I have incorporated into my resource as an essential part of what I can offer students at Chelsea.
During September 2013 I approached Tim Harker and set up a week collaboration between his ceramic resource and the laser cutting one. This was all recorded on the Ipad . Presently all the experiments between glazes and laser engraving are located in the ceramic workshop and have helped students finding new ways of working with this medium. I have equally started a relationship between the laser cutting resource and the digital embroidery housed in the Textiles department through working with Amy the digital embroidery technician.
These two last exchanges are part of what I understand the community of practice project is about. They are continuing projects which will develop as we are working on new ideas together. I will also forge a new relationship with the foundry and laser cutting during summer 2014. The Ipad was essential in the recording of these new relationships.
I hope that this information and the large body of recorded work I have done on the Ipad will demonstrate why the Ipad is a valuable tool for recording, communicating, teaching and learning.


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