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Research perspectives on creative partnerships

Presentation delivered by Anna-Maija Nisula as part of the Innovation Insights Hub's roundtable investigation into creative partnerships between culture and business within UAL Research Fortnight, 16 March 2015, Central Saint Martins, London.


Director of the Innovation Insights Hub and Professor of Arts-based Management, Giovanni Schiuma, and Visiting Researchers of the Innovation Insights Hub Daniela Carlucci, Anna-Maija Nisula, Giustina Secundo and Luca Simeone.

Communities of Practice

The Innovation Insights Hub was specifically founded by UAL to research the contribution of the arts to business. We are committed to developing models and tools to support arts driven innovations. In this context attention is paid to the development of evaluation methodologies for social innovation as well as to the definition of policy guidelines to facilitate collaboration between arts and business, promoting an interdisciplinary culture combining creative and strategic thinking.

This event was held as part of UAL's Communities of Practice initiative, for which the Hub has committed to focus its discourse on evaluation methodologies. Within the discussion, this event provides an opportunity for academics, students, university management staff and invited industry guests to share experiences of evaluation methodologies used in collaborative projects.

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